What is Clairvoyance?


Clairvoyance is the ability to receive voyance images from a higher source. These pictures may be black and white or full color. They often appear life-like, but can also be cartoonish. These images are like a movie inside your mind’s eye or on the screen of your third eye. This is a direct line of communication from your inner being to the outer world. It allows you to see energetic frequencies that are outside the limitations of time and physical reality, such as auras and chakras. Some people are clairvoyant at a more abstract level, seeing visions of future events (precognition), past events that have already happened, or different perspectives on something that is currently happening in the world around them (retro cognition).

Overcoming Skepticism: Personal Stories of Believers turned Clairvoyants

Clairvoyant images and information can be received as thoughts, feeling, or sounds. They can also be received as words, letters, or symbols that are written on paper or other material. They are usually easy to understand, though clairvoyants can occasionally experience vagueness or unclearness. When this occurs, it is helpful to write the image down and analyze it later to clarify its meaning.

Many clairvoyants have vivid dreams and daydreams that feel very real. This is because clairvoyants are very visual and their sight is active even in sleep. Similarly, they are naturals at solving puzzles or doing crosswords and tend to be very good at understanding how things link together. This can be a great help to them in their work.