Web Design and Development Courses at Geek College, Cambridge


A website design cambridge and developed website is essential for a business to connect with its target audience, showcase its products and services and communicate with its customers. Inadequate web design and development results in poor user experience, low engagement and conversions and a negative brand perception.

Geek will work closely with you to ensure your website delivers a user experience that sets you apart in Cambridge and beyond. Detailed project scoping exercises will cover all aspects of your new site from expected user journeys through to early recommendations based on intial research; this information will form the scope of works for the Geek team to deliver a digital experience that truly represents your organisation and its mission.

Designing Your Digital Presence: Exploring Website Design in Cambridge

The suite of courses will teach you everything you need to know about building a website from scratch, including the HTML and CSS languages that will allow you to execute your design, as well as responsive web design principles that will enable your site to respond intelligently to the needs of users. Each course will feature video commentary from professional designers and interactive learning exercises that will help you to develop your skills in a fun and engaging way.