This feature can be used to locate devices and take action to recover them and keep data safe. Here are the steps to take.

Lost Mode

On a PC or Mac computer, sign in to Alternatively, you can use Find My iPhone on iPod touch, an iPad, or another iPhone. Open the app and choose a device to see its location on the map. You can get the phone to play a sound to locate it faster.

Obviously, this won’t work if it’s not close by. In this case, you can lock it with a passcode in Lost Mode. Keep in mind that you can’t make payments using Apple Pay on the phone in this mode. Enter the same passcode to turn off or cancel Lost Mode.

Report the Loss or Theft

Of course, you need to report your phone as lost or stolen to the police. They will ask you for the serial number – you can obtain it from Apple at their Support page. You should report the loss or theft to your service provider as well so they can prevent bills accumulating from unauthorized use by disabling your account. Your service payment plan might cover your device.

Erase Device

To keep people from accessing your data, you can erase your device remotely. Please remember that if you do this, all of your information will be deleted from your phone, and Find My iPhone will no longer be an option.

Locating an Offline Device

If your missing phone has been switched off or is offline, it is still possible to enter Lost Mode, erase the device, or lock it. These actions will take effect the next time your phone is back online or is switched on. Any pending actions for the phone will be lost if the phone is removed from your account while it’s off or offline.

Family Members Can Help

A relative can help you find your missing phone if you have enabled the Family Sharing function. He or she needs to sign in with a valid Apple ID to iCloud and will be then able to find any phone linked to that Family Sharing account.

What if Find My iPhone wasn’t enabled?

Find My iPhone can’t be used if it wasn’t turned on prior to your phone’s being lost or stolen. If this is the case, you should change your Apple ID password to protect your data from people accessing your iCloud or using iTunes or services from your phone.

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