Online Games Thailand

The growth of UFABET login in Thailand has brought joy to gamers but the excessive gaming habit can also lead to other issues. Some people even become e-sports pros, winning large amounts of money, but there are also those who lose everything and end up broke. It is important for parents to understand why their adolescents become addicted to gaming so that they can devise mechanisms to curb this behavior.

The majority of Thai gamers spend their money on mobile games. According to a report by Newzoo, the country ranks 9th on the Google Play Store for app downloads. Moreover, the most popular genre among gamers who spend money on games is racing. The average spender is 21-35 years old with 55% being males.

Behind the Code: Thai Game Developers Share Their Stories

General English proficiency in Thailand is low so games that are localized into the language have a better reception. Most of the top games in the region are from western developers, including King and Supercell. However, it is the local game development companies that are gaining popularity with some of the more hardcore gamers. For example, Dota 2 has gained a lot of attention with many players spending over a decade on the game honing their skills.

There have been some attempts to develop VDO games in Thailand. These are mainly adaptations of movies, such as Tom Yum Koong and Khan Kluay, but they have failed to be successful. There are more ambitious vdo game projects coming up in the near future, such as Araya and Home Sweet Home which will feature next-gen graphics and a story.