The specific steps needed to add more apps on a Smart TV vary based on the model or brand, but here are the basic ones to take where common brands like LG, Samsung, and Android TV are concerned.


To find out if the app you’re looking for is available for Samsung, set up a Samsung account via System Settings on your TV. Then click on Apps in the menu and go to My Apps to see all the pre-loaded apps available. If you notice an app that isn’t in this menu that you would like to add, select the icon for it. It will lead you to the Install page, which also offers information on the management and functions of that particular app, with screenshots displaying various functions.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for under My Apps, do a search in the Samsung Apps store. Select the magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner to search for the desired app and click on Install once you find it.

Android TV

Scroll down to the Apps section or row from the Android TV Home screen and select the Google Play Store. You can search, browse, or click on Get More to find apps or games. Choose the app you’re looking for and press Accept if prompted. Now, press Install and provide payment information – if the app is not free and you wish to pay for it. Once you have installed the app successfully, you can manage it from the Android TV home screen or directly.

The Chromecast Built-In option, available on some Android TVs, also enables the user to access, add, and manage streaming apps.


LG’s Smart TVs run on WebOS, which features a package of pre-installed streaming apps and app management. To make sure they can download and manage additional apps, users need to set up an LG account. This is done by going to Home Menu and Settings, normally in the top right-hand corner of the screen. After that, you go to General, Account Management, and Create Account. Once here, you follow the prompts and press OK.

To install and manage your app of choice, press “Home” on the remote and start the LG Content Store. Search for the app or select the relevant category. Once you find the app, press Install. Once the app finishes downloading, you can start and manage it at once, or later via My Apps.


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