How to watch VR porn

Virtual reality is all the craze these days, VR this VR that, almost all of those products are prototypes, however when it comes to the porn industry things are more than a little different. In the Porn industry VR has become somewhat of a mainstay these days, with all of the most popular sites offering some kind of VR in their package. This leaves some of us wanting to know how to explore the world of watching free VR porn, however there’s a distinct lack of resources on the topic. Due to this today we’ll bring you a tutorial about how to start your own VR porn watching experience.

The Headset

Now first of all, to watch VR porn, you’re going to need something to watch it on right? Now obviously you’ll need a phone/Desktop device first, but come on you knew that. Besides that the first thing you’ll need is a VR headset, now these can range from about 10-15$ to hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. For your first experience we’d recommend a midrange headset in the 100-300 dollar range. This is because in case you’re some kind of otherworldly being that doesn’t enjoy VR porn, you won’t have spent as much money on it.

This is a lot easier if you’ve got an android phone, and especially Samsung, as Samsung makes VR headsets that are top of the line at around $100, but if you’ve got an iphone or MAC things will be a bit more pricy, with the Oculus rift being your best bet and costing a small fortune.

Setting the Headset up and getting the porn

You’ll need to connect your headset to your device and follow the instructions to entirely make sure that it’s compatible and working with your device, after you’re done with that it should be straightforward…right?

Well unfortunately not quite, most VR companies are reluctant to put apps for watching VR porn on their device, so you’ll have one of two options, downloading your porn or streaming it online. In case you chose to download it directly, you’ll need to find a suitable video, download it to your device then play it while the device is attached to your head.

After you’re done with that, the video should automatically play, as most of today’s phones/PC’s come already packed with software capable of playing it.

Streaming free VR porn

When it comes to streaming your VR porn, the main question is which website to use. Now, recently free websites such as Pornhub have branched out onto the VR scene, however despite this, the kings of the VR porn industry are still paid sites, this is because the free VR porn variants usually offer content a few minutes in length ripped straight from the paid ones.

Due to this our first recommendation is this pay site is the jack of all trades of the VR porn industry. Featuring videos at up to 5K resolution, a friendly interface and a FREE trial of one video, you can’t go wrong exploring it at least once.