The SS German Flag

Ss german flag  has a unique way of dealing with national symbols. It’s sometimes hard for outsiders to understand. The flag of France, for example, is so cherished that people often make a big deal out of waving it when visiting the country. But it took a long time for Germans to accept and embrace their own flag. It was not until the 2006 World Cup that most Germans waved their flag en masse.

The black-red-gold flag of Germany was first used in the Napoleonic wars. After Germany lost World War I, the Weimar Republic readopted these colors as their official flag, but this was not a popular move for conservatives or monarchists, who preferred the yellow-gold colors of the old Imperial flag. In addition, the black-red-gold symbolized Germany’s defeat, which was hard for many Germans to swallow.

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As a result of this, the Nazis developed a new symbol for the military that was much more recognizable and intimidating. It featured an SS insignia, which was a symbol that would be seen in a great number of different contexts. This included the uniforms of various SS units, as well as insignia on vehicles and ships.

During the course of his career teaching college courses on World War II, Citino says that about once a semester he’d get an email from someone who wanted to donate a family member’s SS flag or dagger. A lot of these items wound up in museum collections, while others stayed with families.