Should You Choose a Canvas Paper Or a Canvas Print?

canvas paper print

Whether you’re an interior designer who wants to display a stunning piece of art in a client’s home, a photographer who has special life moments you want to preserve in print or a fine artist who wants to showcase and offer your work for sale, it’s important that the prints you produce look good and hold up to the demands of everyday use. One of the most common challenges is what medium to print on – should you choose paper or canvas paper print?

Canvas photo paper is a regular printer paper that has been given a canvas-like texture prior to printing. It is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. This type of paper is usually used for flat prints that can be framed or mounted to thick rigid materials using pressure-sensitive or liquid adhesives.

The Art of Texture: Exploring the Charm of Canvas Paper Prints

While canvas is often considered to be a “hard” medium, it can be surprisingly flexible and versatile, particularly when combined with a high-quality printer and pigment or archival inks. Because of this, many photographers prefer to work with canvas because it allows them to achieve results that mimic a more traditional painting or sculpture while remaining relatively inexpensive and easy to work with.

However, canvas’ biggest drawback is its texture, which can make it difficult to get crisp lines and fine details – especially when printing large images. When choosing a canvas, make sure it’s coated and that it’s printed with pigment inks. It may also be helpful to check with a company such as Wilhelm Research, who publishes extensive studies on print longevity, to see how well your chosen paper and ink will hold up over time.