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Get to know Declan Cole

Declan Cole is an experienced educational organizer who is currently working in New Organizing Education. He has been involved in the organization since its inception, helping to create a unique approach to learning and teaching that is focused on social justice.

Declan started his career as an educator at a community college in California. During this time, he developed an interest in organizing for educational equity and access, which led him to pursue further studies at Stanford University where he earned his Ph.D. in Education Administration and Policy Analysis. After graduation, Declan continued to work with the education sector and began his own consulting firm specializing in public school reform and teacher professional development. This experience gave him insight into how teachers are affected by policy decisions and how students are affected by the disparities in resources available to them due to economic or racial factors.

In 2016, Declan joined up with a small group of educators in Oakland, California, who were looking to create a new approach to education that was centered around social justice issues facing their community’s youth. With his expertise in organizational strategies and academic research, Declan helped shape New Organizing Education into what it is today – an innovative program dedicated to improving access and equity within the public school system.

New Organizing Education provides students, parents, and teachers with resources to engage in advocacy and policy initiatives that prioritize equal access to quality education. Through workshops, community meetings, and other activities, Declan and his team have been able to reach a wide range of stakeholders including government representatives, school administrators, teachers, parents, and students. By working together with these stakeholders to address systemic issues in education, New Organizing Education has been successful in enabling students to take ownership of their learning and to better understand the importance of civic engagement.

Declan’s leadership within New Organizing Education has led to tangible results. In addition to supporting the organization’s growth, he has contributed to the development of a new model for teacher professional development in Oakland, California.